Structural Design

The Stadium is a massive and an incredibly complicated structure. The structural design was introduced by the Herzog & De Meuron, whom from very initial stages have been working with structural engineers from Ove Arup & Partners and developing 3D models.

Because the proposed structure was so complicated, in order to sell the idea even the smaller detail had to be thought of and modeled in the very early stages of the project.

The detail above shows one f numerous connections involved in the structure. Due to such significant loads on  the structure members as well as their connections had to be designed carefully. the welding process alone sometimes took 17 hours per connection with several welders switching places to avoid exhaustion.

Developing structural calculations for this building would be incredibly rewarding and fun, but it would also be very challenging. even though computer software can be used, some hand calculations should be done to verify the results. below is a partial structural plan of roof framing for the stadium indicating the grid used to determine the geometry of the “Nest”.

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