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Wall Height: Area of each retail space = 51′
51’x12’x12 (number of spaces)x6 (number of floors)
= 44064 sq. ft.

Total Heating Load: 76,600 BTU/hr
22,400 Watts

Total Cooling Load: 183,00 BTU/hr
15 Tons of A/C
53,700 Watts

Cost of Heating and Cooling: $59,320.44

Cost of Electrical Needs:
When calculating the cost of electricity, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio was used to determine the electrical needs of the heating and cooling system.   This ratio is related to the efficiency of the unit installed, and the higher the value, the greater the efficiency is.  In order to evaluate the electrical draw of the system, the amount of cooling it produces is divided by the ratio to approximate the Watts used.
To find the approximate Wattage used by the building, the average Watts/sq.ft. were summed, and then multiplied by the square footage of the building.  When calculating the cost of the electricity, the final cost was cut to a quarter of the total value, since much of the space is open and is only lit by natural light, and has no other amenities, and because the space isn’t used consistently throughout the year.

Watts/SF: 164.5 W
Watts used by Heating and Cooling:10,178
Total Watts Used: 114,211 kW
Total Cost of Electricity: $23,024,993.14

Total Heating and Cooling Cost: $23,084,313.56

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