Group Process

The major obstacle in completing this assignment was simply organizing everyone’s different parts and coordinating our schedules.  Our main form of communication was email, and using gchat to talk and figure out what we needed to each do.  We tried to use a Google Doc in the initial part of the project, but that didn’t seem to work as well, since it didn’t send any notification that it had been changed, so it went unnoticed most of the time, and email worked out much better.

When checking our results, we mainly relied on past experience and knowledge to evaluate our results.  It was a fairly good gauge, as we were able to recognize exorbitant values, and unrealistic costs by inspection.  As it is a large stadium and venue, one can expect numbers higher than most buildings, but common sense would dictate that the cost to maintain the building would still be reasonable, especially considering the fact that it is LEED Gold certified.  By taking that into account, it is much easier to modify the estimates to be more reasonable.


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